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The main agent of the company is ChipSemi, products are widely used in military industry, LED driver circuit boards

core advantages

Our market-leading technology ensures maximum reliability and performance
  • Quality Assurance
    Rich experience in mass production
    Cumulative chip shipments exceed 1 billion
  • core algorithm
    Adaptive Filtering and Neural Network Algorithms
    Only human-computer interaction solutions
  • High-precision detection
    High precision piezoelectric/capacitive/piezoresistive detection
    Self-calibrating function
  • Ultra-low consumption technology
    Now it has a series of mechanical three-dimensional parking garages, cargo lifting technology, high-altitude operation safety technology, and airport logistics equipment series products.
  • Full service support
    Provides a complete set of development tools
    one-stop solution
  • lead the industry
    High-end chips and algorithm elites at home and abroad
    Unique algorithm optimization strategy

About Us

Shenzhen New Thinking Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Xinsi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is the main agent of Xinpuxin Semiconductor,  and products are widely used in military industry, LED driver circuit boards, PD fast charging aroma diffuser, electronic cigarette, liquid crystal display, power supply, small household appliances, medical products, Bluetooth products, 3D printers, automotive electronics, network products, household appliances, brushless motor products, etc.
Through years of factory application, we continue to expand our product portfolio with advanced small-signal and power MOSFET solutions.
  • Professional management
    Product specialization, service refinement
    Institutionalized management and immediate execution
  • Results sharing system
    Provide employees with room for promotion and growth
    Encourage employees to take shares and participate in business operations
    Share business results permanently.

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Our broad product portfolio provides the flexibility today‘s market demands, making it easy to choose the product that‘s best for your system


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Our customers are in government, manufacturing, energy, transportation, education, media, finance, real estate and other fields